Authentic Rhineland, vibrant Cologne.

The heart of Sion Kölsch beats right in the middle of Cologne’s Old Town between the Cathedral and the Old Market Square. At Unter Taschenmacher No. 5 to be exact. A place with a history. Hospitality has been celebrated here since 1318, and this is where Jean Sion, scion of a brewers’ dynasty from the Eifel, laid the foundation for the Sion Kölsch success story that, four generations on, René Sion continues to this day.

Brauhaus Sion Kölsch
Brauhaus Gastraum
Brauhaus Sion Köln

Lovingly renovated in 2012, Brauhaus Sion counts as one of the most well-liked brewhouses in Germany. Cologne’s residents consider it to be one of the few truly authentic places left in the city. Sion Kölsch is always served fresh here at bare wooden tables. At Brauhaus Sion, Kölsch lovers from all walks of life can be found together, eating and drinking, arguing and debating in a way that is truly unique to the culture of this city on the Rhine.

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