The brewery pub at Brauhaus Sion. Here you can enjoy everything that goes well with freshly drafted Sion Kölsch straight from the keg. The absolute eye-catcher is, of course, the elevator system by which our ice-cold 50-liter kegs find their way from the cellar to the bar. Of course, we also serve all the other Cologne cuisine classics from our menu here.

Old Brewery

The old brewery is where the production of Sion Kölsch took place until its destruction in 1942: today it still represents the nucleus of our brand. Around 200 people have room to sit here.

Seating capacity: about 200

Alte Brauerei
Brauhaus Restaurant


The centerpiece of our brewery tavern.

Hans Sion-Stube

The Hans Sion Stube offers space for around 25 guests. This cozy room is also wonderfully suited for groups of up to 16 people, who can share one large table and enjoy their time at Brauhaus Sion in a private atmosphere.

Seating capacity: about 16-25

Hans Sion Stube
Sion Ratsstube


Here there is room for approx. 50 guests. The Ratsstube is especially attractive for groups that like to enjoy good home-style cooking in a more sophisticated atmosphere.

Seating capacity: about 50


This room can accommodate around 70 people, but also borders on the Hopfengarten and can thus be expanded. Here the theme of Cologne Carnival’s triumvirate is on display – or should we say “venerated”.

Seating capacity: about 70

Sion Braustube


Here is where people meet to watch soccer games in a pub-like atmosphere. The room offers space for about 40 guests – and is preferred by the majority of our guests.

Seating capacity: about 40


In our Hopfengarten, there is room for around 40 guests. In this covered outdoor area, you can enjoy beer garden atmosphere all year round.

Seating capacity: about 40

Sion Kölsch Terasse


Our outdoor terrace seats around 120 guests and is a favorite spot in the summer months.


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