House speciality

Sion Sudpfannenputzer
¼ metre fresh, hearty bratwurst served on a Kampala board
with savoy cabbage in cream and fried potatoes
14,40 €
with traditional potato salad
13,40 €

Tip of the week

Rheinische organic potato soup6,80 €
with bacon and typical german bread, 0,35l
Goulash soup8,40 €
with peppers, potatoes and typical german bread, 0.35l
1 ½ double maatjes filet 9,80 €
with black bread, butter, onion & egg
1 ½ double maatjes filet housewife style 12,80 €
with onion, cucumber & apples in sour cream with fried potatoes
Veal schnitzel "Viennese style"19,40 €
with potato-cucumber salad
Veal schnitzel "Viennese style"
19,40 €
with French fries & mayonnaise & salad
Herring fillet12,80 €
in a cream sauce with apples & cucumber and quallmänner
"Brewmaster plate" knuckle of pork in beer-mushroom sauce17,80 €
with fried potatoes and salad
Pork knuckle meat17,80 €
with sauerkraut and mashed potatoes
Pork knuckle - 1100g
21,40 €
with sauerkraut and mashed potatoes
Four fried apple rings7,80 €
with cinnamon & sugar plus vanilla sauce
Oven-fresh apple strudel 7,40 €
with a scoop of vanilla ice cream
Kaiserschmarren9,80 €
with a scoop of vanilla ice cream


Harissa bowl 13,90 €
with couscous, cranberries, chickpeas, red bell pepper, peas, tomatoes, cucumber, with herbal dip and mini bell jars
Brauhaus bowl15,90 €
with bread dumplings filled with malt beer balsamico,
cream sauerkraut, beet, croutons, radish, walnut-pumpernickel crunch
Bauerngarten bowl15,90 €
Fried potato salad, glazed red onions, radish, marinated mushrooms, Malt beer cream fraiche, hazelnut crunch and muffin with mushroom filling
Tarte flambée12,80 €
with crème fraîche, bell pepper, corn and soft cheese
Small salad4,90 €
Baked goat cheese on leaf salad13,20 €
with thyme honey and roasted walnuts


Vegetarian tarte flambée12,80 €
with crème fraîche, peppers, corn and soft cheese
Tarte flambée Alsatian style 12,80 €
with crème fraîche, bacon and onion
Brewhouse tarte flambée13,60 €
with barley malt, crème fraîche, black forest ham,
leeks and onions
Brewhouse tarte flambée de Lux14,20 €
with crème fraîche, salmon stripes and leeks


Happen Mett5,80 €
ground pork snack with onions on two half rye rolls
Happen Tatar6,80 €
beef Tatar snack with onions on two half rye rolls
Halve Hahn6,30 €
medium-matured Gouda with onions, butter, and rye roll
Westerwälder Bauernsülze9,40 €
Farmer´s aspic with gherkin, fried potatoes, and remoulade sauce

Sion Brewery specialities

Himmel un Ääd12,40 €
pan-fried blood sausage with braised onions on mashed potatoes,
plus apple compote
Medium roasted roast beef 17,90 €
with fried potatoes and remoulade sauce
Sausage with curry sauce9,80 €
french fries, and mayonnaise
Bierkutscher Kotelett (270 g)16,40 €
chop with braised onions, fried egg, and fried potatoes
Roast pork knuckle (ca. 900 g)18,90 €
with fried potatoes and coleslaw
(Erhältlich von 12:00 bis 14:00 Uhr und von 18:00 bis 21:00 Uhr.)
Roast pork knuckle (ca. 900 g)18,30 €
or with rye roll and coleslaw
(Erhältlich von 12:00 bis 14:00 Uhr und von 18:00 bis 21:00 Uhr.)
Sion Sudpfannenputzer14,40 €
¼ metre fresh, hearty bratwurst served on a Kampala board
with savoy cabbage in cream and fried potatoes
Sion Sudpfannenputzer13,40 €
¼ metre fresh, hearty bratwurst served on a Kampala board
or with traditional potato salad
Rhineland sauerbraten18,40 €
with almond-sauce, potato dumplings,
and apple compote
Kölner Dombockwurst „Prinz Frank“ (220 g) 9,80 €
bockwurst with traditional potato salad


All schnitzel variations come with a mixed salad

Vienna-style schnitzel 15,80 €
with french fries
Hunter-style schnitzel 16,80 €
with mushroom sauce and fried potatoes
Gypsy-style schnitzel 16,80 €
with spicy paprika sauce and fried potatoes


Small salad4,90 €
Baked goat cheese 13,20 €
on leaf salad with thyme honey and roasted walnuts
Roasted chicken breast 13,60 €
on leaf salad with roasted seeds and cherry tomatoes


Köbeschen6,30 €
2 Vienna-style sausages with french fries
Hänneschen6,80 €
small schnitzel with mashed potatos
Chicken nuggets6,30 €
sweet and sour dip and french fries


3 potato fritters with black bread and butter

with stewed apples7,80 €
with sugar beet syrup7,40 €
with smoked salmon and creme fraîche13,90 €


Kölsch from the barrel

Sion Kölsch2,10 €
0,2 l
Sion Kölsch Pittermännchen97,50 €
10 l

Fresh, chilled Sion Kölsch out of the houseavailable in the following containers:10 l, 20 l, 30 l

Non alcoholic drinks

Fassbrause Anno 20113,10 €
Flasche 0,33 l
Jever Fun, alkoholfrei3,10 €
Flasche 0,33 l
Pepsi Cola3,30 €
Glas 0,3 l
Pepsi Cola Max (zuckerfrei)3,30 €
Glas 0,3 l
Mirinda Orange - Orange -3,30 €
Glas 0,3 l
Seven Up - Zitrone -3,30 €
Glas 0,3 l
Tafelwasser mit Kohlensäure2,70 €
Glas 0,3 l
Tafelwasser Naturell2,70 €
Glas 0,3 l
Selters Classic oder Naturell6,60 €
Flasche 0,75 l
Apfelschorle Punica3,30 €
Glas 0,3 l
Orangensaft3,30 €
Flasche 0,2 l
Vitamalz1,90 €
Glas 0,2 l


Sion Geist 32 %2,30 €
0,02 l
Stüsser Kräuter Bitter 35 %2,60 €
0,02 l
Stüsser Obstler 38 %2,90 €
0,02 l
Kabänes2,60 €
0,02 l
Malteserkreuz Aquavit2,90 €
0,02 l
Wodka2,90 €
0,02 l

Hot drinks

Kaffee2,90 €
Espresso2,90 €
Espresso Macchiato3,20 €
Latte Macchiato3,50 €
Cappuccino3,50 €
Glas Tee 2,70 €

White vine

2021er Grauburgunder Qualitätswein, trocken, Glas 0,2 l5,20 €
feinrassiger, gehaltvoller BurgunderFlasche 1,0 l24,00 €
2021er Riesling Kabinett, trockenGlas 0,2 l5,20 €
aromatisch, gradlinig Flasche 1,0 l24,00 €
2021er Müller Thurgau Qualitätswein, trockenGlas 0,2 l5,20 €
fruchtig, ausgewogen Flasche 1,0 l24,00 €
2021er Grauburgunder Kabinett, trocken
harmonisch, feines Fruchtspiel Flasche 0,75 l25,00 €
2021er Weissburgunder Classic
fruchtig, elegantFlasche 0,75 l25,00 €

Rosé & red wine

2019/2021er Rosé QbA, feinherb
feine Aromen von roten Beeren, frischFlasche 0,75 l23,00 €
2018er Portugieser Rotwein, halbrockenGlas 0,2 l5,50 €
Qualitätswein, samtig, fruchtig
2018er Spätburgunder Qualitätswein, trockenGlas 0,2 l5,50 €
rubinrot, elegant, feine BeerenaromenFlasche 1,0 l25,00 €
2017er Merlot Spätlese Barrique, trocken
Winzer Phillip’s PremiumrotweinFlasche 0,75 l34,50 €

Champagne & Prosecco

Deutscher Winzersekt, Riesling, BrutPiccolo 0,2 l8,50 €
frische Citrus-AromenFlasche 0,75 l28,90 €
Onbrina Prosecco
Flasche 0,75 l 24,50 €

We obtain our wines directly from the Philipp Mauer vineyard in Jugenheim/Rheinhessen.

Note: Only one receipt can be issued per table.

You can simply ask our staff for a card with an allergen label.  


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