A favorite place for every guest.

At Brauhaus Sion, there are many spaces of different sizes and everyone can find their own favorite spot – in the pub, the Ratsstube or the Hopfengarten. The so-called Old Brewery is a very special spot. And it has this name for a reason: Before the building was destroyed in 1942, the former production facility was located here, making it the exact place where Sion’s delicious Kölsch was originally brewed and filled into bottles.  In the Old Brewery, you are more or less surrounded by the essence of brewhouse tradition.

At the rustic wooden tables, the modern brewhouse dishes taste just as good as the classics: Harissa bowl or pork knuckle, Alsatian tarte flambée or sauerbraten Rhineland style. And a freshly tapped Kölsch rounds everything off.

Events in the old brewery.

During Karneval season, the large room becomes the perfect backdrop for different Karneval shows. Whether it’s the “Funny Tasmanians” getting everyone to laugh and link arms to the music or the “Guys and Gals from the Old Market” or the “Civil Guard Blue-Gold”.

Throughout the year a variety of other events are planned as well: In the past, Lupo rocked the house, Torben Klein captivated the audience with his charm and Wicky Junggeburth entertained everyone with his anecdotes and tape recordings.

However, to celebrate in the Old Brewery, you don’t need an official event. You can simply book this uniquely special space for any occasion. Are you planning a wedding, would you like to celebrate an anniversary or arrange a company event? Then you’ve come to the right place. In the Old Brewery, you can easily accommodate 200 people. Place the responsibility for your event in the hands of the Sion family. You can fully rely on their know-how. Come and see for yourself!

Party location Cologne
celebration location Cologne
Old Brewery
Old Brewery

"The atmosphere in the Old Brewery is unique. How often I have experienced goosebump moments here: at concerts, meetings and not least at our 700th anniversary. This room is really something very special."

René Sion

Old Brewery
Old Brewery Events


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